On 14th March 2018, this year’s Norouz celebration by MTO Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism® took place at Duesseldorf Bilk. After a few welcoming words by Dr. Maryam Balke (member of the board), the programme began with a video about “sofreh haft sin” which is an important component of Norouz.

The topic of the event was about the spiritual meanings of Norouz traditions therefore; two of the students of Sufism presented a speech on this topic. They emphasized that the event is a reminder of what really matters, such as altruism and inner peace.

The programme finished with a Zekr (remembrance of the Beloved) especially for norouz, which the guests could also partake in. Finally, everyone gathered to mingle and enjoy traditional Persian food, pastries, tea and coffee.

Even though this year’s Norouz event didn’t take place in the MTO® building, it was just as heartwarming as every year.

We would like to thank “Bürgerhaus Bilk” for their cooperation with the location and all the guests for their attendance. We are already looking forward to Norouz 2019.