On 23rd January 2018, students of the MTO® Sufi School attended the premiere of the play ‚Nathan (to go)‘. The performance took place in cooperation with the Catholic Christian Community, the Jewish Community and the Islamic Cultural Center of Dusseldorf (Bosnian Mosque Community) as well as the circle of Dusseldorf’s Muslims (KDDM), which also includes MTO Shahmaghsoudi®️. For anyone who has heard the story of ‚Nathan the Wise‘ from the well-known German poet, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, understands that it is all about humanity. The three monotheistic world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam were brought to light. The main character, Nathan, takes a critical look at the separation of religions and their conflicts. The director and actors were able to incorporate the theme into our modern world in a moving and powerful way. We think that this play is an important appeal to our diverse society for more tolerance and acceptance of each other. We highly recommend watching it.