Every year, especially during the cold season, people without a shelter suffer from icy temperatures. It is often underestimated how dangerous the decrease in temperature is, especially for those in our society who are already disadvantaged in many aspects. And this is where we come into play, to be there for each other and to help those in need.

The students of the MTO Shahmaghsoudi ® School of Islamic Sufism have committed to the goal of social engagement and distributed warm clothes such as hats, jackets and blankets to the needy in Dusseldorf. This gesture of charity was accepted with great gratitude and warmth. For the Sufi students this was a moving experience teaching them to be grateful for everything one has and to give something back.

Helping people in need and dedicating oneself to others is based on the teachings of the Koran. Hence, it is for sure that the Sufi students will continue to stand up for the neglected members of the society.

Sufism is a current known and lived in all Islamic countries, with the focus on the experience of God through prayer, fasting, remembrance of God and all other Islamic principles. In Sufism, the immediate effect of religious practice through absolute concentration is at the forefront. The action and the self are at the centre of Sufism.

Sufism resembles a philosophy of life, which can be easily experienced and applied in all situations of life through the attainment of concentration, balance and harmony.

MTO® is a religious community belonging to Islamic Sufism that exists worldwide and has been established in Germany for more than 30 years with several congregations.