Most of our members are from Dusseldorf and its surrounding areas. Dusseldorf is our home and we contribute to its society so that life here becomes more enjoyable for everyone.

We have taken part and supported various social projects as an independent organisation as well as working alongside local communities. Our motto is “What begins as a simple point can expand and create an angle and ultimately shapes” and this is our aim in these projects, to work together and enrich the environment we live in.

Some of our recent projects are listed below; please feel free to contact us if you wish to join us in our future activities!

  • Food distribution for refugees on the occasion of the Persian New Year (Nouruz), a celebration of peace and the unity of all nations.
  • Voluntary translation help in local churches as part of the refugees support.
  • Emergency pastoral care through the Christian-Islamic society, in co-operation with the State Office for emergency care of the protestant church in Rhineland.
  • Help for the less fortunate in our district Wersten via the commodity team “Hand und Herz für Wersten”.
  • Building an interdenominational nursery in order to help close the void in care places in Dusseldorf.
  • Free Tamarkoz® classes (Sufi-Meditation) for refugees at the VHS Dusseldorf.
  • Involvement in social projects of the Christian-Islamic society or the Circle of Dusseldorf Muslims for various charitable purposes.
  • Co-founder of the foundation for International Week Against Racism and organisation of our annual Nouruz celebration for this cause.