MTO has been established in Germany for around 30 years and has been registered as a charitable organization since 1991. MTO® has been located in Dusseldorf since 2000.

Religious lectures take place on a weekly basis. The lectures consist of recitations from the Holy Quran, discussions on Islamic Sufism, prayers and the practice of Zikr (remembrance of God). As a large and active centre, MTO® Dusseldorf plays an essential role amongst the other global MTO® organizations including other major centres in London, Paris, Los Angeles and Washington.

MTO is not only a religious organization but has also been registered as a cultural association since 2011.

Since 2011, the cultural association has mainly been involved with educational activities for children and families. Some of the activities include language and social development courses (MTO Persian-school), health and cooking classes (cooking class at the efa), various courses on educational issues as well as Tamarkoz® classes, which are Sufi meditation classes consisting of physical flexibility and balance exercises, deep breathing and concentration exercises (MTO Tamarkoz® website and Tamarkoz® at the VHS).

In the near future, the association will be working on the operation of a child day care center in Dusseldorf Holthausen.