The daily prayers are one of the most essential practices in Sufism. Sufis learn the significance of the prescribed times of prayer and their relation to the impact of stars and planets on the human being. Furthermore, Sufis get an understanding of the true meaning of the movements that are done while practicing the prayers, with which the principle teaching of Islam “La ilaha illa Allah“ (there is no God except for God) is expressed. La ilaha illa Allah declares the unity of existence and that all that exists, lives through God.

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Remembrance of God „Zekr“

Zekr is the practical method of purification; it purifies thoughts and gathers and concentrates all our energies. The literal translation is remembrance. It’s not about remembering anything personal, it’s referring to the remembrance of God, whom each human being knows and to whom according to Islam, all human beings will return to.

Zekr can be seen as a call to God. Sufism teaches about an innate heart connection to God which all human beings have: Love. Therefore God is described as the „Beloved“ in many Sufi poems. As the Holy Quran states, we are closer to Him than his jugular vein.

Full concentration, attention and presence of heart are essential during Zekr. A melody is added to a certain verse from the Holy Quran or a Sufi poem, which is repeatedly recited during Zekr with a specific movement of the body.

„And we have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and we are closer to him than [his] jugular vein“ (Chapter 50, Ghaaf – Verse 16)

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Concentration – Tamarkoz®


It can be said that concentration is the most important and basic element in Islam. When you consider the prescribed practices in Islam you will realise, that they are designed to refer each human being back to him/herself with the main aim to return to the center and to concentrate on this point, which is the creator of each being.

Practices such as the daily prayer or fasting, aim to provide a path, a way back to God despite our hectic everyday lives. Sufis believe that these practices will not guide one to God nor have any fruitful results if one is not truly and fully focused on the aim, God.

To generate and strengthen this focus the practical method Tamarkoz®  (the Persian word for concentration) is taught in the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®. With this method the individual reaches a higher state of concentration and balance through particular exercises, focusing on concentration as well as breathing and visualization. These do not only help the individual in their everyday lives but also in ultimately experiencing their true goals.

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